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💣Top TH11 War Base Layout & Farming Bases June 2018 Anti Everything

Clash of Clans TH11 War Base New 2018

The new TH11 war base of a clash of clans and latest updated forming basis including TH11 War Base without Eagle which is having a very powerful Base because this is too much important when someone doing the attack so if you really want to know about it then you can also read this article, as well as must understand the war base from the given images which help you to create your own.

In this article, we will make the top 10 war base of level 11 and by understanding this article you can make your own in your Clash of Clan and we will focus to make the more powerful because it’s too much important thing in COC War.

Top 🔟 TH11 War Base & Farming Bases

Now let’s talk about the top 10 war bases in Clash of Clan with farming bases here I am giving you images also which help you to understand better and you can make your own powerful Bass by using it so let’s see the images which are given below.

As we already told that we will also discuss the farming base here are the example of that and I will pray for you to download below image which helps you too much making your own layout.

Powerful Base war Layout and Farming

As you can see the above image which is having the powerful best TH11 War base and if you want to make which type of powerful base layout your own just pay for this image and do the same thing in your Clash of Clan this will help you too much because it is the top 11th level base war of COC.

Info About New TH11 War Base Layout

Here is the top second example of powerful and best war base layout if you will play the Clash of Clans Hack from too much time then you having great knowledge in the making of base layout all people will know that if your Base is powerful then everything is powerful in attack.

These all the Top TH11 War Bases of COC

Prefert to Following th11 War Base Layout images

In this article, I already give you the top th11 war base images which you can easily follow and download this directly by just press and hold on that then you will see the options like save the image as now just click on that then download this all given images to make your base more powerful.


Most Powerful War Base of th11 Anti Everything

This is the some most powerful War base images shown below to get more powerful and great layout in your’s so just follow that to make it awesome and Everything in the coc war attack.

You Enjoy the th11 War Base?

Now here I am frankly told you that you will enjoy them and you have any question related to it then just comment below about it then we will solve your issue and you can enjoy your COC.


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